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An introduction to derivative pricing
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These pages contain information about Financial Calculus: an introduction to derivative pricing. This book has been written by Martin Baxter and Andrew Rennie, and is published by Cambridge University Press.

The graphs show a UK stock index and an exponential Brownian motion. But which is which ?

Since its publication in 1996, Financial Calculus has become one of the top-selling books on derivative pricing, selling 35,000 copies to date, putting it in the top 1% of all books (by Amazon sales).

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Publication information is kept up to date here (Japanese edition, companion volume, Hungarian edition, and Chinese edition)

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Corrigenda et errata (including eight pages of new text)

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Financial Calculus is published in the US for $103 list price, in Britain for £57.00, in Japan (out of print), in Hungarian, and in Chinese.
The ISBN is 978-0521552899.

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